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Off Market Property

What is an ‘Off Market’ property?

Although the majority of Australian property is sold via a public marketing campaign, many are sold by word of mouth, often facilitated by a diligent real estate agent. We call this method of selling an ‘Off Market’ property transaction.

The private nature of these ‘Off Market’ transactions means we may have no supporting photography, video or property blurb to distribute. As a result, there may very little buyer competition for our ‘Off Market’ properties however this will change once these properties are converted to public campaigns.

‘Off Market’ Property list updated 27 October, 2020. *Approximately.

  1. Moranding – 37* hectares/92* acres, Country Lifestyle/Equine/Grazing
  2. >> GOING, GOING, GONE << Lancefield – 8* hectares/20* acres Country Lifestyle/Equine/Grazing
  3. Creighton’s Creek – 48* hectares/120* acres, Country Lifestyle/Equine/Grazing
  4. >> GOING, GOING, GONE << Ruffy – 268* hectares/662* acres, Country Lifestyle/Equine/Grazing/Cropping
  5. Beveridge – 8* hectares/20* acres, Country Lifestyle/Equine
  6. Kilmore – 178* hectares/440* acres, Country Lifestyle/Grazing/Equine
  7. Denver – 20* hectares/50* acres, Lifestyle/Vineyard/Equine
  8. Yarram (Gippsland) – 39* hectares/100* acres, Luxury Country Lifestyle Living/Equine/Grazing
  9. Monegeetta (38*km to Melbourne Airport) – 39* hectares/100* acres, Country Lifestyle/Equine/Grazing
  10. Ruffy – 149* hectares/370* acres, Country Lifestyle/Grazing/Equine

To learn more about our list of available ‘Off Market’ properties please contact us by >> clicking here.

Book a Private Inspection

‘Off Market’ property inspections are by prearranged appointment only.

If you live within Victoria’s Stage 3 restriction region (Regional Victoria) you may inspect property outside of Melbourne’s Stage 4 restriction region at any time provided you (a) prearrange an inspection appointment and (b) inspection protocols are followed.

If you live within Melbourne’s Stage 4 restriction region by law you are not permitted to inspect property within a Stage 3 restricted region (Regional Victoria).

On the 26th of October the Victorian Premier indicated Melburnians will most likely have the ability to travel freely across the State of Victoria from Monday the 9th of November. 

To book an ‘Off Market’ private inspection please contact us at your earliest convenience by >> clicking here.

To view detail about the ‘Roadmap’ out of Stage 4 restrictions please >> click here.