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Country Lifestyle

What is a ‘Country Lifestyle’ property?

Drive 10 minutes from the outskirts of your city or regional town and the chances are you’ll find yourself an example of  ‘Country Lifestyle’ property!

In our experience those considering a ‘Country Lifestyle’ property may be seeking some of the following attributes;

  • Space (perhaps for children, horses or gardens)
  • Solitude (somewhere to escape and unwind)
  • An alternative place to entertain family and friends
  • Fresh air, fresh produce, freedom

Victoria is a ‘Country Lifestyle’ property mecca!

Victoria is blessed with wonderful examples of ‘Country Lifestyle’ property. To view an example of a ‘Country Lifestyle’ property marketed and sold by Ray White Rural Victoria please click on the image below.

Regions such as the Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine Peninsula and coastline feature a vast array of ‘Country Lifestyle’ property including;

  • Equine and stud homesteads
  • Vineyards (some with small cellar doors)
  • Small horticultural properties
  • Farmlets

Country Lifestyle Seller “Top 5” Tips

Here are our top tips for improving the value of your property on a budget;

  1. In the ‘digital age’ an outstanding picture or video is worth a thousand words. Engage a professional photographer / videographer to shoot your property at its best and prepare well for inspections.
  2. First visual impressions are important. From the driveway to the front door tidy the property; remove junk and debris, mow/slash grass, give the area around the central home a makeover.
  3. Declutter the house, freshen up paint, steam clean carpets, clean the windows, tend to minor repairs.
  4. Quality fencing and gates add instant appeal. Fix, repair or replace dilapidated fences and gates (we have contractors that do great work at good prices).
  5. Clearly document your property plan including water assets and paddock/pasture management plans if applicable.

Selling your country property is one of the biggest financial decisions an individual or family has to make. We are here to ensure the most stress-free and successful outcome for vendors. Contact us for further information or assistance >> click here.

Country Lifestyle Buyer “Top 10” Tips

Important issues to consider when buying a ‘Country Lifestyle’ property include;

  1. Check that the property has appropriate council approvals and council zoning for any external buildings and / or any future development.
  2. Particularly check for any easements or rights of way that may be through the property. Even though they may have not been used for some time, their use by others can affect your rights as well.
  3. What about accessibility of service utilities such as power, gas, and telecommunication?
  4. When was the septic system last serviced and / or cleaned?
  5. What water services the property? Is it mains, rainwater, bore or other?
  6. Does the contract include any licenses such as water usage?
  7. Check for flood plains, areas with access problems, water problems.
  8. Check that effective controls are in place and work has been maintained to control noxious pests on the land, such as rabbits and noxious weeds. Eradicating these can be costly.
  9. Has fencing been maintained?
  10. How close by is local amenity such as health care, schools, public transport and other services that you may need?

Transaction case studies

To view a selection of Victorian transaction case studies please >> click here.

Request a discreet ‘Country Lifestyle’ property appraisal

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